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The Permaculture Sydney Institute (PSI) farm in the Macdonald Valley is developing a broad acre permaculture system including two large Food Forests. Over 1,000 trees will be planted in two sections of the Food Forest:

A native bush tucker Food Forest and

An exotic Food Forest with fruits from all parts of the planet.

PSI offers you an opportunity to sponsor a tree of your choosing that will help create a forest of food that will benefit people, wildlife and the planet. The food forest will create a biodiverse eco-system on the farm and provide fruit to sponsors. Please see our designs and tree list and discuss the project with our team.

How it will work

The forest will be planted out over four major planting events commencing with the first this June 4th at our winter Permabee. As the design displays, trees are grouped into climatic or similar type. This first planting will include the deciduous fruit and nut trees (the brown section of the forest on the plan)  The spring Permabee will be dedicated to planting out the Citrus, (the yellow trees on the plan). Next autumn we will plant out the Mediterranean section (the olive green trees in the plan) and Spring the sub-tropical and tropical, (the dark green). Native bush tucker Species will also be planted during these events  as sponsored.  

A food forest is a vital component of a productive permaculture system. Significant investment from sponsors will enable PSI to undertake and advance such a project.     


The creation of the food forest has many benefits to the environment as well as people.  

  • It will provide food for the inhabitants of the farm and the community, and for the Valley’s next generations 
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas pollution and C02 
  • Provide food, shelter corridors and habitat to animals and wildlife 
  • Regeneration of the landscape, improving soil and carbon 
  • Rehydration of the landscape, slowing water from running off site. 



Each Tree has a specific value for sponsorship. Your investment enables us to purchase that tree and take care of it into its lifelong future. Your investment will be recorded and acknowledged and will provide specific benefits to you.  

Bush Tucker Trees = $60 ea

Exotic Species = $40 – $80 ea

Benefits of Sponsorship

Your sponsorship will be rewarded by: 

Enabling you to visit the tree and harvest some of its fruit each year once productive. Access to the farm to visit the tree will be possible 4 to 5 times a year at regular seasonal ‘Permabees’ (first Sunday of each new season) and at harvest time. Fruit picking also permissible once a year of up to half the fruit. 

A picture of your tree. This will be sent to you on planting or soon after and again at different stages of growth. 

Free membership of PSI. Membership entitles you to discounted provides at the PSI shop and at workshops. 

A regular update of your tree and progress of the food forest more generally. This will be through the PSI newsletter and a food forest email. This enables you to know harvest times and events of the food forest.  

Gift Certificates Available

Give a unique gift to a special someone by sponsoring a tree on their behalf.