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A Visit from Guangdong Farmers

Organic farmers from Guangdong province of China visited us here at PSI this week to learn about Permaculture and see it in practice here. Most had never heard of Permaculture so the visit was a real eye opener.  There were loads of questions and interest about...

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Our Spring Permabee

At our last Permabee we constructed a new wicking bed for some Perennial vegetables and espaliered fruit trees. We made the slightly raised garden using small children’s wading pools for the water reservoir, blue metal gravel, wicking material, soil and of...

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Ethical Christmas Hampers

Why not consider giving a special xmas hamper this year? We are now preparing  different types of hampers including a mixed hamper; a woodlovers hamper and a produce lovers hamper. All the contents have been lovingly sourced and home made from the farm and are...

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Pecan Nut Harvest & Public Pick Day

March is the month we prepare for our Pecan nut harvest. 

The nuts are developed on the trees ready to fall despite the lack of rain and we need to keep the grass mowed short so we can see the nuts to pick up.  Timing is critical to capture the nuts before the birds and foxes or before a flood washes them away down the river like last year. With 70 trees there are a huge amount of nuts to collect so we will be holding our regular Easter nut hunt – Pecan Pick Day Sunday 22nd April.

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3D Gardening

How well are you using your vertical space?

Remember the Permaculture principles of small space intensive gardening and plant stacking? Vertical gardening is easy with gazebos and arbours that can be made from all sorts of things. In our kitchen garden here at Bandusia, we are currently growing pumpkins over a stairway arbour and a gazebo.

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Protecting your poultry and other small animals

Over summer, our animals were regularly visited by pythons and goannas. Whilst it’s often confronting to see them, I was comforted to know they were safely protected by housing appropriately designed for the disaster predators – snake proof wire and goanna and snake proof pens and so on. People often ask me why I go to so much trouble with my animal housing and runs and this is why I do.

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Zone one – nearing completion.

Bandusia’s zone one is almost complete. We have been working on this zone now for about 5 years and we are proud to say its construction is very near. Most of the elements are now built and in place and interacting well and it’s producing very well indeed. Zone one is right outside our kitchen door and includes:

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Permaculture… forty years on

As part of our 40-year celebration of Permaculture, we are releasing writings about it from prominent people in the movement. Here’s one from Geoffrey, many of you know as a graduate of Bill Mollison, an academic associate professor at Macquarie University and now PSI’s assistant director admin and finances.

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The top 10 things that helped us and our animals survive the heat on the farm

It has been a sizzling summer this year with many days here over 40 dc and very dry hot and humid conditions. Along with the heat and little or next to no rainfall over Dec and Jan, the tanks are almost empty, the river is nearly dry, pastures on nearby farms are turning into dust and animals if they haven’t been sent to market are looking very lethargic indeed. It’s very hard to grow or even do anything in these conditions. Our valleys are regularly filled with smoke from nearby fires.

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