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Sustainable Backyard Poultry Workshop

August 26, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


“For lovers of poultry and raising it sustainably – ecologically and economically – for people and the landscape”

About the workshop
We all want chickens these days to help us with the gardening, to provide us with their many products and services and so we can become more productive, self-reliant and energy efficient. But if we want to do this then we need to know how to do it so poultry don’t cost the earth and so they can regenerate our landscapes and save us energy, work, money and time.

Chickens and poultry perform many functions in the organic garden and permaculture system. They provide us with gardening and ecological services such as fertilization of the soil; aeration of the soil; pest control; cleaning up fallen fruit, composting and breaking the fruit fly cycle; and they provide us with a great range of products such as eggs, meat, feathers, manure, and more chickens. Poultry are energy efficient – as they are just the right size to eat the whole bird without needing freezing or even refrigeration (unlike a cow).

However, all of these benefits and functions can only work to their best advantage if they are raised and managed to be sustainable. Otherwise they become unsustainable to keep, ecologically and economically. They can quickly degenerate your landscape to dust – not regenerate it. They can cost more to keep rather then be economically viable; they can consume more energy to keep than not, and then they can become more work and a liability rather then an asset.

This workshop is about helping you to keep your poultry so they are sustainable in all senses of the word. Meeting the needs of the chicken is especially important in being able to achieve this and to be able to design appropriate housing; provide nutritious food; ensure good health all in a cost effective and sustainable way that makes them productive, low maintenance and healthy.

This workshop will help you understand what you need to do to achieve sustainable backyard poultry. It will help you understand the needs of the chicken, providing it with a happy fulfilling life, and to be able to design your garden, structures and systems to ensure success. This will be a fun packed practical weekend all about chickens turkeys and poultry. Your garden and family will benefit from it and so too will your flock.

About the Trainer
Megg Miller

Megg-Profile-Pic-056AMegg Miller is one of Australia’s leading poultry experts. Megg publishes Grass Roots Magazine and Australasian Poultry and regularly gives workshops on aspects of poultry keeping. She judges at leading agricultural and poultry shows such as the Sydney Royal Agricultural Easter Show and the Melbourne Show as well as local and regional ones.

Megg Miller is addicted to all things poultry and keeps several pure breeds as well as Bronze and Slate turkeys. Over the years she has bred Guinea fowl and Toulouse geese as well as a range of traditional breeds of fowl. Chemical free management has been a priority and current projects include a fowl forest and testing numerous natural health treatments for effectiveness. Megg’s in depth of knowledge and experience of poultry is outstanding. It has been tried and tested over many, many years. Come and meet her and be astounded by one of the best.

Workshop Program
This workshop will include:

  • Functions and benefits of poultry – chickens and turkeys.
  • Breeds (including heritage) traits, functions, types for different situations & purposes
  • The needs of the chicken and turkey – how to provide a happy fulfilling life
  • Designing suitable structures and systems to meet the their needs, (housing, runs,
  • Food and feeding
  • Maintaining Health organically – Pests & disease management – organic methods of prevention and control
  • Protection from predators
  • Using the species kept ina garden or Permaculture situation
  • Integrating poultry into your system – Permaculture, food forests, plants and other animals
  • Plant species suitable for chicken health, runs and food forests
  • Dispatching poultry (ethically, humanely)
  • Using poultry to regenerate your system, flock numbers and carrying capacity
  • And more

The workshop will include handling chickens, displays of products and resources and an examination of a straw bale chook house and integrated food forest system.

Part LETS accepted. 10% discount for PSI members (if completed a PSI workshop in the last 12 months) 


August 26, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Bandusia Country Retreat
1056 Upper Macdonald Rd
Upper MacDonald (St Albans), NSW Australia
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(02) 4568 2036


Megg Miller (One of Australia’s leading poultry experts)
Camera, photos of your chickens, designs of your poultry housing and related systems and your own personal needs. All other materials will be provided and included in the workshop fee.
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Includes workshop fee plus an organic lunch, morning and afternoon tea.