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Rural Skills Series – Humane Slaughtering & Butchering Workshop

June 20, 2015 @ 9:00 am - June 21, 2015 @ 5:00 pm


For those that want an alternative to factory farming of animals and learn about humane slaughtering, butchering techniques to become a self reliant, local, responsible producer.

About the Workshop
This workshop is not for the faint hearted, it is for individuals who are serious about learning the art of home slaughter and butcher, this workshop shows how to manage and harvest your own livestock for your own consumption.  Whilst many consider this a confronting topic, many also wish to became more self-reliant, reduce food miles, ensure they step away from potential factory farmed animals, and learn how to humanely manage their own animal slaughter and butchery for home consumption.  It is important that any individuals who join the course are fully aware of what will be involved and committed to the concept of home slaughtering.

Workshop Outcomes
This workshop will cover animal slaughter to include chicken, sheep and cattle.  You will be provided with both an overview of slaughter and butchery theory and a practical onsite demonstration of both chicken and sheep slaughter.  You will also be shown and have the opportunity to participate in the methods for processing, dressing chicken, deboning, butchery of a sheep and on the final day how to process and butcher a cow, including sausage making, mincing and butchery.

This will be an intense workshop that some may find confronting, it is important you are prepared to deal with first hand exposure to the slaughter and the handling of the animal carcass and butchery.

During the workshop the following areas will be covered, please ensure you are fully prepared to cover each of these topics before booking on the course.

Workshop Content

  • Humane treatment of the animal
  • The effect of glycogen and adrenaline release
  • Why it is important to bleed the animal
  • Methods of home slaughtering
  • Slaughter methods utilised in commercial industry
  • Hanging the meat
  • Meat cuts


  • Demonstration of chicken slaughter utilising an Axe method
  • Gutting and dressing of chicken
  • Demonstration of lamb slaughter utilising cut throat method
  • Skinning and gutting of the lamb
  • Lamb meat cuts
  • Demonstration of butchery of cow. Note; the cow will be slaughtered prior to the workshop

About the trainers
Sherri McMahon and Ingrid Cullen

Sherri and Ingrid Photo

Sherri and Ingrid are farmers in the historic valley of St Albans. They manage their own farm business “She-Ing Farm” from which they make a livelihood and sustain themselves financially. Since purchasing their rural property in 1997, Sherri and Ingrid have subsequently regenerated the land from scratch turning it from a sandy, degenerated unproductive site to a highly productive, diverse, and sustainable property. Sherri and Ingrid built their own house, and have self developed their property into an excellent demonstration site for a productive working farm. They grow their own produce; sell produce; farm and slaughter their own livestock (including cattle, sheep and poultry); log and mill their own timber; and farm in a humane and sustainable way. They also have a successful farm maintenance business. “The Girls” as they are known in the valley are highly   of other community activities. They are both extremely capable and highly skilled rural women who have extensive and in depth knowledge of all aspects of rural property management and who provide excellent leadership examples of sustainable, self-reliant and resilient living. The girls are passionate to extend and improve their property using a range of principles and techniques drawn from permaculture, organic and sustainable farming practices.   They are also passionate to share the knowledge they have gained to help others find and develop sustainable farm practices.

Sherri McMahon
Sherri provides a no nonsense insight into the workings of a rural property and will help all participants understand what they need to know to run a successful rural property in a sustainable way. Sherri has a certificate 2 and 3 in Agriculture from the Hunter Institute as well a several other awards and agricultural training certificates. Sherri grew up on her family’s traditional 1500 acre mixed production farm, running 200 sheep, cattle and crops in the Snowy Mountains area and was very much part of the farm team.    She left the family farm to undertake a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Canberra University, and after graduation joined the Federal Police as a photographer, rising to become a senior investigator.  She then travelled extensively through her work, including heading the Vulnerable Persons Unit in the UN peace-keeping mission in East Timor in 2001. She was an Australian champion in athletics and power lifting.

Ingrid Cullen
Ingrid has organic gardening genes in her DNA. She comes from a family of organic gardeners and farmers from Lorne in Northern NSW and her enormous repertoire of rural skills and knowledge are largely a product of her upbringing on the family’s diverse 100 acre farm. Ingrid went on to a Visual Arts Degree at Sydney College of the Arts and has a Certificate 2 and 3 in Agriculture as well as accreditation in the area of fitness, wellness, and massage. She too was a serial competitor and Australian champion in power lifting and rowing.  For many years Ingrid worked as a personal fitness and wellness trainer in community gyms and not for profit organizations. She specialised in working with people with HIV-AIDS and was awarded the World AIDS Day award for her work.

This will be an informative and interesting weekend held in the beautiful setting of the historic village of St Albans

Part LETS accepted. 10% discount for PSI members (if you have completed a PSI workshop in the last 12 months) 


June 20, 2015 @ 9:00 am
June 21, 2015 @ 5:00 pm
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Notepad, pen, suncream, hat, water bottle, camera, leave the faint heart at home !
Workshop, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, course materials