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Natural Beekeeping Workshop

September 28 @ 9:00 am - September 29 @ 5:00 pm


“a local solution to a serious global problem”

About the workshop

There has never been a better time to start backyard bee caring. Honeybees are having a hard time across the planet and we all have a responsibility to preserve and maintain the species and ensure natural, efficient pollination of plant species and our food sources.

Natural, backyard beekeeping is one of the simplest ways to solve the global problems of honeybee populations and to ensure and maintain our local food security and global biodiversity.

This workshop will help you understand the value of the honeybee, the holistic, integral role they play in ecosystems and the importance of backyard beekeeping for your own health, the health of your community and the health of the planet.

Natural Beekeeping is quite different to conventional beekeeping. The health and wellbeing of the bee is at the heart or its philosophy. Natural Beekeeping principles apply to this such as being organic, minimal intervention, natural comb, natural food and allow for natural reproduction. Design of hives and management techniques for the colony are based on the needs of the bees first and the beekeeper second.

The Program

  • During the workshop you will learn about:
  • What Natural Beekeeping is, its philosophy, principles and techniques.
  • History of beekeeping and its importance today
  • Mythology and spiritual connection to bees
  • The use of all the products and elements from the hive for healing human health (Apitherapy) Developmental stages of the honeybee organism, (the bee-ing) Biology, life cycles and colonies.
  • The importance of natural honeycomb
  • What you’ll need to get started (protective equipment, gear, hive ware,)
  • How to catch a swarm and the equipment needed. Where best to position a beehive
  • Beehive design options. Alternative hive designs and how to find one that benefits both you and the bees
  • Kenyan top bar hive management techniques
  • How to harvest and process raw honeycomb
  • Tips and techniques for rendering beeswax
  • how to integrate your bees into your backyard, farm and permaculture systemnatural pest and disease control and natural techniques for Varroa management
  • How to manage your hive on a seasonal basis year after year

Who is it for?

This workshop is for anyone wanting to deepen their connection to and appreciation of the miraculous lives of bees. From beginner beekeepers wanting to understand the fundamentals of bee-centric bee-care, to experienced beekeepers wanting to explore a deeper, more natural, bee centric approach to beekeeping.

Whether you are an urban garden or broadacre farmer, a practicing beekeeper or a total beginner, you will benefit from this workshop. The workshop includes both theory and hands-on practical sessions. Participants will get hands-on experience handling a hive if weather permits.

This is a unique workshop opportunity not to miss. Become more self-reliant and in control of your food locally by producing your own backyard honey, pollinate your own food and medicine plants and ensuring a secure source of local honey.

You will leave with the confidence to start caring for your own bee colony, the capacity to catch and relocate a swarm, as well as insight into how caring for bees can open us to a greater understanding of life and our beautiful environment around us.

Our aim is that you leave this course with even more awe, curiosity and wonder than you had when you came. A step into the world of bees and on your way to becoming a bee guardian in whatever form that may bee.

Some beekeeping resources will be available for purchase.

About the trainer

Adrian Iodice

Adrian Iodice has a deep passion for natural sustainable bee care. He is a renowned Natural Bee Tender. He started beekeeping with standard conventional Langstroth hives and since 2010, he began experimenting with and studying various hive designs.

Adrian is one of the pioneers of the ‘Natural beekeeping’ movement in Australia. In 2012 he studied biodynamic beekeeping at ‘Mellifera Centre for Organic Beekeeping’ in Rosenfeld, southern Germany. He has come to the conclusion that the ‘Kenyan top bar hive’ is the better hive suited to his needs and he feels that every ‘backyard beekeeper’ should truly consider the hive design they will eventually use for the wellbeing of their bees.

He teaches natural, ethical beekeeping in ‘Kenyan top bar hives’ all over Australia and has recently featured on 4 episodes of the popular TV show ‘River Cottage Australia’ Adrian and his hive has made the front cover of ‘Earth Garden’ Magazine he has written an article for ‘PiP’ magazine and featured on one of the magazines online podcast episodes..

Adrian is extremely passionate about natural, sustainable, biodynamic, beekeeping and is currently co creating a bee sanctuary on a small community in the Bega Valley of southern NSW where he lives with his wife, three kids and great friends.

Cost:  $495 all inclusive for 2 days ( includes course, morning and afternoon teas and lunch)
Limited to an intimate group of 20 people,  Adrian Iodice is a renowned Australian Natural bee tender, and his unique workshop sells out quickly.

Bring: Hat, gloves, camera, long sleeve, thick, light coloured shirt or pull over, long loose fitting pants, fully enclosed shoes, a bee veil or bee suit (if you have one), water bottle. All other materials will be provided and included in the workshop fee


September 28 @ 9:00 am
September 29 @ 5:00 pm
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Bandusia Country Retreat
1056 Upper Macdonald Rd
Upper MacDonald (St Albans), NSW Australia
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(02) 4568 2036


Adrian Iodice
Hat, gloves, camera, long sleeve, thick, light coloured shirt or pull over, long loose fitting pants, fully enclosed shoes, a bee veil or bee suit (if you have one), water bottle. All other materials will be provided and included in the workshop fee
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course, morning and afternoon teas and lunch