Autumn Day colour, coolness and creation are with us once again as we slow down, get on top of things in the garden and prepare for winter. Propagation of cool season plants is well under way for planting in the Mandala garden. Pecans are being collected, pumpkins are being picked, and kiwi also being harvested. Fallen leaves give us mulch and compost material and are being stored in bays near the composts for the year. Soils in the gardens are being replenished with composts, manures and mulches and the animals have settled down into the calmer life after the excitement of spring and summer. We are stacking the firewood and, as we speak, sitting out a flood that has locked us in temporarily. Being good permies though, we have a well-stocked pantry and plenty of food around us, so we are enjoying the situation with no traffic on the road and a quieter, peaceful life.  

We are preparing for some exciting upcoming workshops like the Make Your Own Cheese workshop, Fruit Wines, Geodome workshop and more, along with two fantastic natural building workshops and more. 

The Natural Beekeeping workshop was a great success with Adrian from Beekeeping Naturally and now we host some new bees to assist with pollination in spring and to build up bee populations again. We learned an amazing amount about bees and their natural behaviour, needs and characteristics and the way we look at bees has changed forever. The workshop was booked out with a waiting list, so we are offering it again to Sydney-siders and others 28th & 29th September.