The Permavan on the PSI Farm is nearly ready to hire! We have finally finished renovating the van and just await the installation of solar and it will be ready to go. We expect it to be fully complete and ready for bookings by March. Stay tuned for more on this in the next newsletter. What makes it an eco-van?  

The Van is completely off grid and has been designed and renovated on many permaculture principles such as:

produce no waste; use biological resources over fossil fuels; energy cycling on site; fostering self-reliance and more.   

Materials and products: The use of reused or discarded materials along with natural materials and products that are not harmful to the environment or people.  

Water: Rainwater collected off the roof becomes drinking water. Greywater from showers irrigates the gardens 

Waste: Compost worm farm will collect the waste from the kitchen sink then feed the food gardens. There is a compost toilet and compost bins for recycling of food scraps which compost goes straight on the garden 

Energy: A solar system for lights and basic energy needs is being installed. For cooking and heating there is wood fired hot water for shower, also wood fired pizza oven and stove and oven and BBQ 

Food: A basic food garden grows potatoes and basic salads and herbs around the garden 


Eco-Van Before

Eco-Van During


Eco-Van After

The Van Site