Fruit Trees galore 100s of bare rooted stock now in and planted budding and flowering,  in the newly created Food Forest on the PSI Farm. 

The heritage fruit tree workshop was loads of fun and learning with Pete the Permie and Silvia. Pete covered all the usual topics on how to take care of your fruit trees like pruning, planting, fertilising and so on plus other topics like espaliering fruit trees and some biodynamic preps and techniques. Participants went away full of ideas and information as well as  boot loads of fruit trees so all in all it was a productive weekend.   

PSI bought plenty of trees too so we now have plenty of fruit trees you can sponsor to create one of the two new food forests here at PSI farm – the exotic food forest or the native bush tucker food forest. You can provide sponsorship of a tree as a gift for people for Xmas or you can  sponsor for yourself.