I’m pleased to announce that our food forest tree sponsorship project has got off to a good start. A few people have sponsored trees and we have got some in the ground to commence the forest. If you haven’t caught up on the detail of this exciting new project see here for the details.

Id especially like to thank Nick and Liz keen who were our first sponsors of the program and who sponsored several trees like chestnut, macadamia and native current. Nick and Liz came to the first turning of the sod at the winter Permabee to help plant the trees. Thank you for your support and encouragement 

Nick and Liz first sponsors for the Food Forest Creation Project

Our goal, over the next 12 months is to plant over 1,000 productive native and exotic trees creating a food forest so diverse it will be dazzling. People will be able to participate and support the project by sponsoring a tree of their choosing and visit to collect fruit at harvest time. Our list of trees for sponsorship will be on-line soon.  

The next planting of the food forest will be over a weekend at our Spring Permabee  2nd and or 3rd September.

As the design displays, trees are grouped into climatic or similar type. This first planting will include the deciduous fruit and nut trees (the brown section of the forest on the plan)  The spring Permabee will be dedicated to planting out the Citrus, (the yellow trees on the plan). Next autumn we will plant out the Mediterranean section (the olive green trees in the plan) and Spring the sub-tropical and tropical, (the dark green). Native bush tucker Sps will also be planted during these events  as sponsored.