The long weekend natural building Workshop was a wonderful weekend where we constructed a new small building off our existing wattle and daub hut. We built a rammed earth wall; a light straw wall and a rammed earth floor The building is for our wwooffers accommodation kitchen and bathroom. The water for these will be heated by a wood fired slow combustion stove that can also be used for cooking. It was built under the instruction of Sam from Viva homes and is a unique and beautiful addition to the woofers hut. We had loads of fun over 3 beautiful days and learned loads about a range of different natural building techniques. Don’t miss the next one.  

Rammed earth wall and floor and a light straw wall  and some of the gang on the other side rendering the wall (above) 

Making the mix, ramming the earth, and having fun building the rammed earth wall 

The final structure – bathroom and kitchen with roof