We’ve been creating a new food forest on the farm of a different kind. This one is a bush tucker food forest consisting entirely of  native edible species. It is situated in zone 3 of the property as it requires less maintenance than a zone 2 fruit and nut tree food forest. It also has different nutrient requirements and is not our primary source of food supply. After our design, to start with we had to clear a impenetrable forest of privet, hundreds of them, both by hand and with the tree popper and an excavator. We then did the required earthworks to allow access and to hold and slow water. We then planted over 100 species of edible trees, shrubs and ground covers and it’s not finished yet. Our species list comprises of edible yams, berries, teas, nuts, fruits and more with species such as bunya nut and macadamia, midyam berries, native raspberry, lillipilly, native plums, native currents, and a range of other fruits and berries.  This forest increases the diversity, productivity, sustainability and future security of the system as well as honouring our heritage. It will be an educational, social and recreational feature of the farm.  Stay tuned for updates in coming newsletters with the design and full species list.


The impenetrable forest of privett, the largest privet you have ever seen and Jason and Daniel planting bush tucker plants on contour terraces.

Bush Tucker Planting Guide