Eleven reasons why you should do a PDC Course with Permaculture Sydney Institute – and they have everything to do with “Quality”.

1. Quality Education

PSI’s PDC Course provides a comprehensive curriculum – the “ Permaculture Designers Manual” by Bill Mollison and a range of other up to date resources, cover a wide range of topics, skills and information required to assist you to select, design, develop and maintain a property and become a permaculture designer, trainer or developer. Other courses may not cover all these topics that are required.  From balconies to broadacres, from the cold temperate to the tropics and drylands; to schools, backyard and community gardens. This course includes it all. 

2. Quality Trainers

PSI’s trainers are all very experienced at both permaculture and teaching, they are highly qualified, they are all practitioners of Permaculture making a livelihood from permaculture as well as living by permaculture ethics and principles. They have all developed their own properties and had many years experience in designing others. They are inspiring, interesting and very informative and you will love learning with them. They are also professionals in other fields of expertise such as horticulture, architecture, community development, education, creative arts and more, so they bring with them a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. 

3. Quality Venue

The venue and its facilities at Bandusia Country Retreat are second to none! It’s beautiful, lush, comfortable and homely. You will be well looked after served excellent food (from the sites garden or local farm) and you will have a wonderful experience and it will be like being on a holiday.

4. Quality On-Site Examples

Seeing is believing and provides a better understanding. You will see plenty of excellent examples on-site and learn how they work such as aquaponics; food forests; animal systems; commercial vegetable gardens; kitchen gardens; alternative structures such as bamboo, earthbag and strawbale buildings; on-site earthworks and lots more.

5. Quality track record, excellent reviews & feedback and quality outcomes

PSI’s PDC Course has been tried and tested over many years now. Designed by Bill Mollison over 40 years ago, it has produced the best trainers, practice and outcomes worldwide. It consistently receives excellent reviews and feedback from graduates, many whom have shown quality outcomes and achievements from their work after the course.  Click here to read some recent reviews.

6. Quality site visits and guest speakers 

 Throughout the course you will be visiting other local sites for learning and have contact with specialist guest speakers.  These provide an additional exposure to sites or specialists during the course and deeper learning.    

7. Quality Design Process

PSI prides itself in providing the best field work design process than any other course. You will have a real site to design; a real client and a real design process to experience and learn from. The course takes you through the whole design process step by step from interviewing the client, assessing the site to design and even presentation of the final design to the client on the last evening. This authentic process provides deep learning and prepares you for designing your own or any other property with or without a client

8. Quality skills based learning focused on the participant

Unlike some other permaculture courses, PSI’s PDC course has an essential skills component. You will learn some basic essential skills to enable you to start practicing permaculture straight away. We provide practical hands on skills and a skills checklist that you self assess and additional time to assist in development of these skills if required.      

9. Quality Experience in Permaculture living

Throughout the course you will be immersed in permaculture. Living and breathing the principles, seeing and experiencing permaculture in action. You will be one of the family assisting with day-to-day tasks of the farm. This will provide a deeper richer learning experience you will not necessarily get on other courses.

10. Quality Follow up and Assistance Record

PSI is perhaps the only permaculture education provider that provided a back up and support assistance to its graduates. It provides graduates get-togethers, newsletters and personal support. In fact it’s joining a community or fellow permies.

11. Quality Certification

Upon completion of this course a certificate from Permaculture Sydney Institute is issued that will assist you to obtain employment; start your own property, training or business, work aboard or whatever you choose to do knowing it will provide you with the skills, confidence and knowledge to get started and do permaculture wherever you are whenever you’re ready.