A good PDC Course can be a life changing experience. It changes you, your thinking and lifestyle and it assists you with information and skills to construct a sustainable property (wherever your are) and live your dream. It can save you lots of money, time, heartbreak and energy. Along with others, it will help save this planet. Specifically, a PDC Course will:

1. Help you select the right property for you – Design it, manage it and make it sustainable and profitable.

This is a huge help. The right property is wonderful but the wrong one could be hell! The PDC helps you analyze what’s best for you, where you what to be, what you want to do and how you are going to do it. This will prevent mistakes and can save lots of money, work, time and energy. If you already have a property, the PDC can help you design and manage it, reducing your maintenance and making it more efficient and sustainable.  

2. Help you to understand the landscape and work with nature not against it!

The PDC helps you to read your landscape. Plants, animals, natural environment, soils, climatic factors and others, for a more efficient and effective design. Some basic information of these things helps you to see and understand your landscape and develop a more intimate relationship in tune with nature.

3. Challenge and change you! – Your attitudes and behavior

The PDC explores barriers that may prevent one from living their dream and the necessary attributes, skills and behavior required. The principles and ethics help also to assess ones attitudes and lifestyle and make changes as required and plans for the future. It provides you with options for decision-making and future pathways. It is personally positive and empowering. 

4. Provide you with some practical skills, knowledge and confidence to start your journey.

There are many skills you learn especially through participation in the design process such as site and microclimate analysis, and working in a group. There are also other practical skills learned such as soil regeneration, composting, plant propagation, animal management, site surveying, swale construction and many more.

5. Help you obtain a right livelihood. 

Every property needs to be financially sustainable as well as environmentally, personally and socially. The PDC will provide you with lots of ideas and open doors about what you want to do and how to make it pay.

6. Analyze your place in the community

Social permaculture helps you to think about the community you would like live in and your role within it. Why it’s important to contribute to the community and bioregion and working in groups and with people. People skills and community development is explored along with case studies of successful communities.

7. Detailed knowledge of design elements and systems.

The holistic experience of design provides a vast amount of knowledge, quickly. The putting together many elements (pieces of a jig saw) not only increases your knowledge of each element across a vast range of areas it provides knowledge of how they work in relationship to each other and the whole. Elements such as – housing, animal systems, soil and water cycles, plant assemblies and many others within the system are examined to some detail. When finally constructed, the whole jig saw puzzle paints a complete picture. The whole process is information rich and intensively obtained in a short space of time, fast tracking your learning and knowledge. 

8. Increasing your productivity, self and community reliance.

The Course will definitely help you to design and develop food gardens and food forests that will increase your productivity and self-reliance. It will help obtain information of plant species and assemblies.  It will assist you in becoming a responsible producer not just a dependant consumer.

9. Help save the planet

The PDC course will definitely help you to reduce your carbon omissions, greenhouse gas pollution and your environmental footprint.  It will help you to save and conserve resources and use wisely. The permaculture lifestyle, techniques and practices will definitely help climate change and the Planet.

10. Connect you with a supportive network of individuals, groups and movement.

The PDC course is your first group but the course connects you with other local groups, support networks and a wider permaculture network. Your PDC trainers are also there to provide information and support long after your course.

There are so many reasons why you should do a PDC Course, too many to list here but you can see from this list it’s a very powerful, positive and progressive experience that will help you, your property, your community and the planet.

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