You don’t have to have a mandala garden to have a permaculture garden or be a permie. One chooses to have one. There are many garden design options sometimes the site will determine, the climate or the designer. I’ve chosen a mandala garden design and here are 10 good reasons why I like and choose a mandala garden design for our commercial kitchen garden. 

1. Suitability to site.

The design is appropriate for our site. Nature has given us a round flat area perfect to place a mandala on and basically choosing the design for us

2. Less paths and more garden

Circles and keyholes reduce pathways and save space or provide more space for gardens therefore increasing productivity

3.  Easy access.

You can reach every part of your garden easily without walking on it and compacting your soils. Mandalas also reduce distances you have to travel in the garden.

4. Easy to net and protect.

One pole in the centre and net to the edge will protect the garden with one entrance way. Easy.

5. Easy Watering.

A sprinkler in the centre, soaker hoses follow the design with no gaps or watering of pathways.

6. Easy maintenance

7 mandalas seven beds within one mandala 7 days of the week. Nice bite size pieces to work and accomplish in time available either one petal each day say 10 to 15 minutes or one mandala each day.

7. Insect control.

Curves discourage straight line plantings that make it easy for pests to eat. Circles and curves allow plantings to be mixed up.  

8. Differing stages of production.

Each mandala can have vegetables at different stages of production –seedlings in one harvesting from another and others in between.

9. Microclimates.

Mandala gardens provide a range of aspects and microclimates which assists in growing a greater diversity of plants you can grow.

10. Aesthetics.

The design is beautiful. Your veggie garden will always look great even if it doesn’t have anything in it or its really untidy. It feels nice working in this space that looks nice. There’s also lots of edge.