Monica and Martin shared their traditional Polish way of making sauerkraut whilst here and it was delicious!

Making sauerkraut is a great way to introduce fermented food into your diet and improve your gut health greatly. Fermented foods are known to have a lot of health benefits with their good bacteria that help rebalance the body, better digest and boost your immune system.

To try at home this recipe, follow these steps:

  • Prepare, weight and wash your fresh cabbage
  • Weight 20g of salt to add for every kg of cabbage
  • Shred the cabbage
  • Put the cabbage and salt in a pot or a food container
  • If you wish you could also add grated carrots (1 carrot per 1kg of cabbage) as well as caraway seeds, dill, bay leaves or all spice grains according to your taste.
  • Use something like a rolling pin to smash the cabbage so it releases its juice.
  • Put a plate and something heavy on top of it to keep the cabbage in the juice. It is important that the cabbage is submerged under the juice otherwise it can get mould.
  • Use a knife to puncture through the cabbage to release gasses every day for 10/14 days.
  • When the fermentation is done (it takes at least 10 days depending on the temperature) you can move the cabbage to a jar and store it in the fridge or a root cellar.

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