Phil Ridler is this month’s new PSI teacher. Apart form Permaculture, Phil’s passion is in renewable energy and sustainable living. Even though Phil fairly recently completed a PDC Course in July 2017 with PSI he has vast experience in the area and comes very well educated, traveled, skilled and knowledgeable.

Phil is the Past Director of Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) He has a Masters Degree in Environmental Management at UNSW. He has been over 25 years in Power Engineering, back up power systems and energy efficiency. Has run teams in energy efficiency auditing for factories, buildings and industrial clients and consulted on Energy procurement, renewable energy, battery backup and energy use in buildings. Phil has a passion on helping and educating people on sustainability, energy and buildings. He enjoys applying simple technology to solve complex solutions in permaculture. He was the past business Manager of Wollemi Pine International and has spent the last couple of years traveling and learning about permaculture, sustainability and renewables. Most importantly, he loves growing his own food. He recently obtained a cert 4 in training and assessment and continues undertaking many other courses and advancing his skills and knowledge.

I am very proud to have Phil as part of our team of trainers here at PSI. He will be a great asset and future students will benefit greatly from his hard work, dedication and passion of his specialist area of permaculture. He will be teaching these modules in the PDC Course as well as our comprehensive 5-day Introduction to Permaculture course.

Past workshops

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