Here’s what some participants had to say about the workshop

Before doing the beekeeping for beginner’s course I had thought a lot about how I could include bees and bee keeping in my everyday life. I had read a lot and interacted with other beekeepers. So not surprisingly I came to the course with my own very specific learning objectives.  Luckily I am also always open to new ideas, especially pearls of wisdom from experienced people. This course exceeded my expectations; there was a good mix of theoretical and discussion based learning in the classroom, which started with the basic but also included vital information about pests and diseases, and how to manage them.  We were introduced to the different types of hives and the equipment required for bee keeping. The presenters spoke from experience and worked at a pace that ensured every single student was learning; they definitely had my respect. But when we were all invited to don bee-keeping attire because we were going to open a hive, my learning went to a whole new level. Everyone was guided through hands on participation in every step of the process until we were licking extracted honey from our fingers.  The girls (as I came to think of them) were committed and experienced facilitators, but I am still wondering if they sensed the mix of wonderment (that I was actually doing this) and fear (of what I am not sure) that was going on inside my head.   In a nutshell, this course far exceeded my expectations.  I am now much better informed about bee keeping and based on the information received through authentic interaction with experienced bee keepers I have revised my plans and feel much better prepared for keeping my own bees. Thank you Penny for making this happen for me.

Julie Prior – Gunderman

Thank you to Penny as our host great venue and good food. Thank you to our teaches and guides Sherri and Ingrid the open nature of this course allowed everyone to ask the questions they needed or wanted answered. I have had bees along time ago and it was a great refresher and updater to information. Because it was theory and hands on I thought the organisation of the day worked very well. We even extracted a few frames of honey what a wonderful smell, it makes me even more excited about my own hives. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day.

Linda Sternbeck – St Albans