If the 5-day course doesn’t suit you then take your time and do it over 3 weekends, over 3 months. It’s the same course content however offered slower which suits those who want to take the time to thoroughly design their garden with course support spaced apart over the 3 months. This course provides you with a comprehensive overview of Permaculture. It covers the design process; soils plants and animal systems; aquaculture; organic gardening techniques; weeds pests and diseases; and a whole heap more. A certificate is issued upon completion.

Modules 1 to 4 of this course are being offered 15th an 16th September. These modules cover the same content as the two-day option above.

Modules 5 to 8 of this course are on 27th & 28th October. Its fine to jump into these and pick up the other modules later in the year if you haven’t done them yet and take the extra time and care to design your place thoroughly. Apart from learning the design process, during these 4 modules you will learn how to create healthy living organic soils; tried and tested compost systems that work; Multi-functional plant species that will set you up with a productive, diverse and resilient system; Creative garden design and construction; integrating animals into the system to improve soils and lower maintenance; How to grow food organically and productively; and much much more.  So jump in if you’re serious about sustainability see:

Modules 9 & 10 are offered Saturday 17th November. These final modules 9 and 10 look at social permaculture, energy efficient housing and household practices like preserving; grey water instillations; alternative technologies and more.

Hi Penny, thanks again for the Life changing experience with extraordinary welcoming hospitality. You set us on the new life course and I’m very grateful for that”. Penny is very heart-warming knowledgeable person. Big inspiration.  I am very grateful for this opportunity.” Sarka