Our winter PDC Course has just finished with another group already doing great things. We had a very skilled and talented group of people already doing wonders in the world but about to do even more with permaculture. Some of the pics show what they did throughout the course. They  learnt a wide range of things from harvesting and milling timber; food forests; soil testing; designing for varying climate types; animal systems farm forestry and heaps more. On top of all this they experienced their first ever farm design working through the whole design process from interviewing the client to presenting him with a design. The designs were excellent and the client, a local here, is really impressed and will soon be implementing them. Its this authentic process where a lot of learning takes place as the group had to think through many of the issues themselves and drawing upon the knowledge gained during the course apply to their design. Our summer PDC Course will be designing another neighbours place and there is now high demand locally for designs in future PDC courses. It has also been a wonderful way to enthuse locals to permaculture. A win, win, win, I say!