Bandusia’s zone one is almost complete. We have been working on this zone now for about 5 years and we are proud to say its construction is very near. Most of the elements are now built and in place and interacting well and it’s producing very well indeed. Zone one is right outside our kitchen door and includes:

  • Aquaponics systems – producing all of Bandusia’s kitchen greens for salads and stir-fries as well as tomatoes, rhubarb, some herbs and green vegetables. Not to mention approx 40 – 60 fish per annum
  • Quails – producing approx 800 eggs per year
  • Compost systems – including my famous three-bin system, bay systems and extra bays for storage of compost materials
  • Potato terraces producing some hundreds of kgs of potatoes each year
  • Garlic beds
  • Corn, peas, beans, squash and Jerusalem artichoke bed
  • General vegetable gardens – producing carrots, asparagus and a range of other vegetables
  • Squab pigeon Aviary – to breed for meat and manure
  • Pizza Oven – allowing us to sit right in our zone one to enjoy and interact with it
  • Berry Garden – including assorted berry fruit and quail run
  • Tea garden – including a range of herbal teas right outside the back door
  • Glasshouse – for seedlings and tropical fruit trees
  • Some small fruit trees like lemon trees and berry hedges
  • Guinea pig lawn mower to mow the lawn in zone one

All this is very compact and intensively stacked and linked as closely and suitable as possible with no room wasted. Here are a few pics from around our zone one. We now move on to our zone two to complete its fencing and plant stacking that we hope to have complete by autumn.

Zone 1-detail