How artistic are your worm towers? We will provide you with a $25 shop voucher if we think you have the most creative and impressive tower. Send your pictures here before March 30th.

Here’s ours you need to beat!  If you don’t have one, get cracking: they are easy to make and you’ve got enough time. Source some waste pipe, drill your holes and paint! If using PVC pipe use a special Primer grip lock paint then water proof paint so your artwork will last a long time. They make an attractive feature in any garden and are incredibly low maintenance compared to other worm farms and multi-functional being a worm farm; bird bath, garden water pipe, compost and work of art.

Place them every 2 to 3 metres apart in the garden and worm farm. The worms distribute their rich humus gold casts through the vegetable garden. Towers take the maintenance out of worm farming. Just feed them some scraps every few days, add some water and rotate them and before you know it your garden will be jumping out of the ground!