Next year is a special year for permaculture – celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Just think 40 years of Permaculture. Look how far we’ve come! PSI will be unveiling some special events for 2018 over the next couple of months to celebrate 40 years of permaculture. Here are just some of our plans:
  • A PDC graduates get together – for all PDC graduates that have done a course with Penny through Permaculture Sydney Institute; Permacultue Sydney; Permaculture Sydney North; private PDC courses, schools and or community gardens.
  • A refresher PDC Course for graduates to get re-motivated, reinvigorated; and energized with a 50% discount n the price.
  • Special extra Permaculture Courses all year more Intros; more PDC’s
  • New Permaculture Courses including Permaculture for Kids Courses
  • Permaculture Teachers Course. Getting started in Permaculture Training
  • Special guest events of Permaculture’s fame and fortune
  • Publishing of several Permaculture publication booklets
More will be unveiled in our next newsletter.