This month we have had Marek staying with us from Slovakia.  A big, strong, beautiful vegetarian guy who has been a delight to be with. Marek has been helping us prepare for the new aquaponics system in our zone 1 veggie garden. We have built a terrace on which to sit the poly tunnel that will house the grow beds – two six meter by 1.80 meter beds that will produce all of Bandusia’s salad greens and some vegetables. Learning a bit about Slovakia was part of the exchange ands it’s been a great two-way exchange of learning, work and friendship. Marek’s time with us made it possible for us to advance a significant project more quickly.  We are really grateful to have his help and the work exchange program. Here’s Marek’s review of his time here with us.

“Staying at Bandusia is a must for everybody who wants to be close to nature, live with it, treasure and honour it and learn about its principles.  Penny and Geoffrey are very warm and welcoming people with a broad knowledge in various fields which they don’t hesitate to share with you. Their home becomes yours.  Penny will take you through an exciting permaculture journey after which you will know how to live 100% with nature not against it, maintain healthy and sustainable lifestyle for both yourself and nature.  I am very pleased I could be part of their life. Bandusia is a place where you feel true and free.  All the best and lots of love.” Marek