Last weekends Sustainable Poultry workshop was far from foul with Meg Miller sharing her immense knowledge, cutting edge research and life long experiences of Poultry. Participants attending want to comeback for more next year they enjoyed it so much and as one said “there is so much more to learn about these amazing animals”. Addressing best breeds for climate change; new discoveries in poultry research about keeping and caring for your poultry. Meg kept people engrossed while she dispelled many myths about chooks, poultry, quails, turkeys and ducks, greatly assisting anyone breeding and maintaining their flock in a organic, sustainable and humane way.

‘‘Dear Penny, I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous day. It was lovely to meet you, and spend the day at Bandusia. Please also thank Meg for me. She has a wealth of knowledge to impart and I am sure I could repeat this workshop and still learn more. Kind Regards, Pam Hannan