Meet our neighbor Bob the builder, the three little pigs and our solar powered mowing service. Our clever neighbor has invented what we think is a world first – a solar powered Guinea Lawn Mower. The lightweight mower has a timer that makes the mower move as much and as many times as we need it to move. In winter this means more often as it is quick for the piglets to eat the grass. In summer it means less as there is more grass and it takes the piglets longer to get through a given area. The solar powered mower means a more even mow as it is more regular and reliable than a human. The piglets are undercover at all times which makes them feel secure from overhead predators they are constantly looking up to. They also have a wonderful little sleeping bay they can have a rest on, off the grass, when they want a rest.  The piglets are happy to be able to chew away till their hearts content on fresh clean grass everyday. And its wonderful not having to remember to move them a few times a day myself. Jim’s mowing eat your heart out!