Applying our Permaculture Principles of Positive Solutions, Obtaining a yield and making a right livelihood

Over the years several magnificent trees have fallen down in storms around here and were just left to rot. This is a common event on farms and seems such a waste. Sure we need to leave the majority of trees to decay for all the obvious reasons of habitat, organic matter etc, but we can and should use a few of them to their highest capacity, to obtain a yield, produce no waste, produce useful things we need like building, fencing, making tables and turning them into high value timber to make a right livelihood.

It was a sad event last year to see a magnificent beauty fall to the ground after a storm and several days of rain. The tall timbers however have to give way for the new seedlings to emerge and flourish and one day also become majestic. It’s another reminder that nothing lasts forever.

It’s taken us awhile but now we are harvesting these yields and we are able to supply some amazing timber products for sale through the Permashop. We have a range of bread-boards; cheese platters; drink coasters; coffee table slab tops; extra large slabs for bench-tops, small and large tables, desks and bookshelves. The timber products are stunning, made from the finest timbers, and will make wonderful presents for Christmas. So, if you would like to bring a real unique bit of nature into your home or want to purchase a sustainable, ethical and local piece of rare and stunning timber, give us a call or send us an email

Bread Boards and Cheese platters. These are available in both Redgum and Iron Bark timber. Both are stunning. The colors and timber grain is amazing. Our bread-boards and cheese platters come either natural or oiled with Orange Oil, a natural safe oil suitable for food. Bread Boards are $45 and Cheese Platters are $75. See the Permashop for more details.



Small coffee table slabs. These are available in Redgum, Blue Gum, Camphor Laurel or Iron bark. In some cases they may need to dry for up to 12 months before oiling or varnishing. These range from $200 to $375.




Large Timber slabs – for tables, desks and benchtops. These are available in Camphor Laurel, Redgum or Red Cedar. They are approx. 50mm x 1400 x 1100 wide. These range from $375 to $695 and are absolutely stunning!


Shelving for bookcases or anything. These are approx 2 meters to 4 meters long by 30–45 cm wide by around approx 40mm thick.