We are currently working on our new Berry Garden to the south end of Bandusia. Our design incorporates berries, teas and quails in an anti aviary close to the kitchen door. The quails will be able to run through the garden get the occasional berry; have their dust and sun bath; gather insects and have a great life in peace from predators while we get the berries, teas, eggs and the occasional quail. The teas include camellia sinensis, various mints, lemon balm and pineapple sage. The berries include blueberry; youngberry; midgimberry, strawberry; loganberry; raspberry and more. It will also include Bill Mollison’s favourite way to grow blackberry in two 44-gallon drums on top of each other with one bush trailing from the top and pruned back hard each winter for a bumper crop. When complete we will picture in a future newsletter.

We have also been harvesting loads of citrus; pumpkins galore; guavas, bananas, tomatoes and loads of herbs and even some hearty saffron milkcap mushrooms from right under our pine trees. Our garlic is up, our potatoes are in, the glasshouse is in full operation and seed propagation is well underway for winter and spring and with a warmer than usual winter we hope to get them in the garden early this year.

Planting and Harvesting