How many hobbits does it take to make an earth-dome?

Well, the answer to that is it depends on the size of the project. Our dome turned out a little bigger than planned and the timing a little underestimated for the numbers we had – but what an interesting outcome! Over two days 10 of us filled bags and built most of this amazing structure. It was hard yacca, but what an achievement. It’s a very low cost structure (virtually free) and you need as many people as you can get to fill bags as it is very labour intensive. The dome is solid as a rock and sits proudly in the side of the hill, partially buried, and I know where I will be heading if and when the fire comes here. The dome is wonderfully sound proofed – perfect for noisy turkeys, and is cool and quiet. It would be great for storing of preserves, produce and wine and will be a good animal shelter in fire. It’s yet to be completed with some final bags and render and I’m sure it will stay part of the environment for hundreds of years. Chunto, our turkey, will be moving in soon, with his new wife.