Wonderful Woofers

Woofers at BandusiaMarch has also been our greatest month for volunteer woofers. Woofers and visitors have been flowing through here thick and fast and are a welcome relief. We all benefit from their company, learning, living and growing together and fast tracking jobs that need to be done. From all parts of the globe, it is indeed a rich cultural experience sharing food, traditions and lore’s of their home and other places around the globe. During the last week we have had visitors and volunteers from Switzerland, Estonia, New Caledonia, Hong Kong, Israel and the US and we look forward to many more.

Silvia from Switzerland waters the propagated seedlings each day in the zone 1 kitchen garden.

Silvia says “PSI is a place of learning and sharing with wonderful people, enjoying rural, living at the rhythm of nature especially with the animals which are nearly like pets. Weekends are getting busy with visitors from round the world attending courses and workshops. I had a great time. Thank you to Penny, Geoffrey and their neighbors”

In the garden

Plants are now jumping out of the ground again with ideal growing weather. I love this time of the year. things are changing, calming down after the angry summer. The pumpkins grow rampant, greens are flourishing, flowers and herbs are blooming, bananas are blossoming and the food forest is powering.

Turkey Business

Chunto our pet turkey has a regular secret girlfriend. We call her phantom and she’s a bush turkey. She visits him regularly and Chunto lets her eat from his bowl. He is really charming with her, extremely curious and very interested but we haven’t managed to catch him in the act yet. We managed to secretary catch them on our spy camera through the back window. We are waiting with baited breath to see if she lets him do the deed or not.