Our Gorgeous Guinea Fowl keets were born around the 28th day of incubation under very difficult circumstance. They survived several storms and power cuts.  Two of the three needed a caesarian section where I have to literally peel them out of the shell, as they couldn’t get out. They all survived however and the three little musketeers as I call them all have their own personalities and are really cheeky, chirpily playing and cuddling up together. They promise to have a great life ahead. Guineas are the management of the food forest flock never minding their own business, bossing everyone around and causing chaos if an intruder comes around.  They have raised the alarm on many occasions when a goanna, dog, person or snake comes to visit so they have proven and earned themselves a place in our system. In fact, I can’t image farming without them. In case you’re wondering what they look like when 1 week old. Here’s some pics.

guinea fowl

Left to right: The Three musketeers, A lavendar keet, A pearl keet

The quails are also enjoying their life here at PSI. They sit in my hand and love attention.  Also cheeky little things they play and have chases around their pen have little squabbles and all collapse in a heap to sleep.