The glasshouse has been our most exciting recent addition to our zone one garden. Close to the kitchen means we can access it easily and frequently to look after our valuable seedlings and plants. The new (second-hand) glasshouse will provide us with an opportunity to grow more, all year round production (tomatoes in winter). It provides shelter and protection for our seedlings, plants and trees in an ideal stable environment all year through changing weather and seasons in our temperate climate. We have also included a small aquaculture pond, hopefully to grow some of our favourites throughout the year like Kang Kong, picture plants and azolla. The glasshouse provides an additional learning opportunity for students here and will be incorporated into course learning. We can’t wait to get into it and boost our productivity.
glasshouse before BEFORE – Preparing the site for the new Glasshouse

Glasshouse after

AFTER – The new glasshouse and the potato terrace