The main zone 1 veggie garden is bouncing with vibrant veggies since the turkey has been fenced out, with broad beans, peas, kale and an assortment of greens. The vertical water pipe garden is really flourishing with a bounty of greens, spring onions, spinach, rocket, kale and more.

Citrus continue to dominate in the zone 2 food forest with a range of oranges, mandarins, tangelo, blood orange, limes, grapefruit and varieties of lemons. The mulberries have already budded up and fruit is set. Some trees are showing signs of breaking dormancy early.

The majestic pecans are dormant at the moment in zone 3 whilst the cows graze gracefully beneath to keep grass under control. The bamboo is also flourishing beautifully in zone 3, soon ready to harvest for shoots and poles.

On the farm, zone 4, we have been cutting privet to feed the cows – very hungry this time of year as the frost kills off their grass. A supply of privet on the property has shown to be very useful for not just this function but for others like weaving, fencing and a range of things.

In zone 5 we have been strategically removing some privet but basically letting nature take its course on the riverbanks.