Fencing is one of those first jobs to do to secure your veggie garden from wildlife, chooks, marauding turkeys and the like. In our May Permabee here at Permaculture Sydney Institute we decided to construct a low cost fence to do just that. We decided to go with fencing materials from the site, mainly hard wood stick and branches and a few small sapling trees (chiefly stringy bark and iron bark). The group spent the first part of the morning collecting the sticks and posts. We dug the holes and sank the posts then nailed the sticks to the posts and cross posts. We ended with a great result as you can see in the pictures and the only thing we bought were a few nails and hinges, making the total cost around $40. We also made a bush gate closer, (with a rock, pulley and rope) and a double gate catch to open and close the gates. The end result is fabulous. It looks really nice, very fitting with the natural bush setting and so far is fulfilling its function very well.