Want to study Permaculture and don’t know which Permaculture course is for you? Now there are three opportunities to learn about Permaculture at PSI:

1) Introduction Permaculture (14 hour)Weekend Course 12th & 13th September

Our new one weekend only format for the Introduction to Permaculture is firing on all fours with the next one 12th & 13th September at Bandusia Country Retreat. This is a basic introductory course that provides you with the fundamentals of Permaculture. It’s history, the language, ethics and principles and some basics of design.  This course also includes the first 4 modules of the mini-design course (Introduction to Permaculture Design Course) should you wish to go further with your permaculture education. Learn More

2) Introduction to Permaculture Design Course (40 Hour 10 modules) 12th & 13th September

This course runs over two weekends and one Saturday and is a 40-hour course that includes 10 modules. Our next Intro to Permaculture Design Course kicks off again with modules one to four 12th & 13th September. Modules 5 to 8 are 10th & 11th October and Modules 9 and 10 – Sat 7th November.

This course is an extension on the basic (14 hour) weekend intro course building on its fundamentals to take you further into design. It takes you through the design process of a property of your choosing.  It is also known as the mini-design course as it’s like doing a mini permaculture design course (PDC). It is different to our PDC Course though so doing this really assists people wanting to go on and do the PDC Course.

You come out of the course with a design of your property. It goes into further details of the elements integrated into your designs like plant and animal species and systems; soils; earthworks and water; sustainable housing and households; and social permaculture. Upon completion of the ten modules you receive a certificate. If you specifically want to design your place, them this is the course for you. Learn more about this course 

3) Permaculture Design Certificate Course (72 hour PDC Course)

Our next PDC Course commences 4th Jan and runs until 16th January (with a weekend break in between).  It is an intensive two-week course (residential for most) that extends and builds on your Introductory Education of Permaculture and delves deeper into the fundamentals of design. This is for anyone wanting to learn more to develop their farm or home garden; work professionally in Permaculture; work abroad; or delivering training or other permaculture services in a professional capacity. Learn More