PSI’s New Loyalty Rewards System

For loyal members and lovers of Permaculture PSI now offers a 25% discount on your fourth and every subsequent workshop you undertake within a 12 months period.  This rolls over every 12 months but this will make it a bit easier for people financially to do more workshops throughout the year. So if you’ve done 3 workshops over the last twelve months remember your next one and all the rest within that 12 months attracts a 25% discount. This applies to all workshops but excludes the PDC and the Introduction to Permaculture Courses.

PSI Membership Discounts

You automatically become a member of PSI when you’ve done a course or workshop and for the next twelve months after that workshop you are eligible for a 10% discount on the next course you do within that twelve-month period. This also excludes the PDC and the Intro to Permaculture.

PSI Refresher Courses & Workshops – For lovers of Permaculture.

Feeling a bit jaded and need a refresher course? Some people enjoy a course so much they want to do it again, others forget things over time or they weren’t quite ready at the time they took a particular workshop to take it all in and get the most out of it. If this is you and you would like to do it again PSI offers a 25% discount on all refresher courses and workshops. It will reinforce your learning and give you the enthusiasm and confidence again you just might need to get going!

Note that discounts cannot be used in conjunction with one another. One discount can be used per booking.