June and July have so far been really buzzing around here, a hive of activity with a workshop on every weekend and our Intro to Permaculture and Permaculture Design Course. Jeremy our WWOOfer has been doing great stuff like building a wicking bed and advancing our polypipe vertical garden system. Both these will be featured in our next newsletter.

Our Aquaponics system is running superbly with the trout getting fat for harvest in October. We have been harvesting bananas; custard apples; loads of citrus and other fruits from the food forest. Our freezer is now stocked with our own fresh beef from the paddock and our larder is now well stocked in preparation for any eventuality. Another great group of people are doing the PDC course, and they will go on and do great things from developing their properties to training and other important projects. People, plants, animals and projects continue to grow and develop here at PSI’s Bandusia Country Retreat in what I can only describe as paradise.