Many people over the years have encouraged us to hold a regular working Bee on the farm, as they want to help. Well here it is! Our Great Big Fun Working Bee. Come for a day or the weekend and enjoy helping, fun and learning while you help out. Planning is well underway for the weekend where we will be working on the farm and at Bandusia to do some of the many jobs to advance permaculture here. We currently have over 2,000 jobs on our list so we will be ever so grateful of any help you can give. Permabees and blitzes are a long-standing tradition in Permaculture and give people a much-needed boost or fast track projects that take one person much longer to accomplish. Thanks to all of you that have encouraged us to do this. If you would like to attend please send us an email or phone in to book so we can organize food and the weekend’s activities. Accommodation (camping at Bandusia or the farm) and meals are free in return for help. We start the day at 9am Sat morning with a planning session. People can choose to join in any of the following:

  • Bush regen team: this team will be removing some large privet trees
  • Food Forest Team: this group will work in the food forest – chop and dropping, planting,
  • Earthworks: Making bush steps and walking tracks
  • Forestry work: tree felling, cutting; splitting, stacking
  • Veggie Gardening: Making new veggie gardens, maintaining existing ones.
  • General maintenance jobs: tidying, repairing, painting
  • Catering or cooking crew: preparing meals for the permabee’ers.

BYO: Alcohol and drinks; musical instruments for evening entertainment; campervan, tent and sleeping gear; work gloves and boots; gum boots.

To book in email: to the Big Fun Permabee or phone: 45 68 2036.