It’s a great feeling to know we are self-sufficient in firewood to keep us warm this winter. This doesn’t happen on its own though like everything else, one needs to plan for and manage for this. You need to plan how much you need then plant or source, grow, coppice, cut, split, store cart before it gets to the fire. You need both tools and muscles though in the process like your own two hands; a chain saw; good log splitter. For not so strong people like myself chopping firewood is a challenge so this year I borrowed a friend’s hydraulic petrol fuelled wood splitter. Making hay while the sun shined we managed to split heaps of hard wood in a very short time. What a machine! It makes splitting your firewood fun and easy for everyone – especially people like me! You can purchase good quality Australian made splitters at most field days.

Robert splitting logs with hydraulic log splitterSplits stored for firewood