There was no smoke at this workshop only fire – very hot fire as the newly built furnace (the group built) burned the waste wood into black gold – Biochar. The group walked away with a good understanding of the science and the benefits of biochar as well as the ability to make their own from scratch, including how to build their furnace. Teachers, home gardeners, permies, bush regenerators and farmers attended the workshop and many of them since have already started making their own to experiment with or to teach the kids at school. Another important tool for all earth-carers and regenerators. We plan to run another one later in the year.

Here’s what people said…

“Many thanks Penny and Johann for providing this opportunity to learn about biochar theoretically and practically. I have been keen to do it myself for sometime but have found the information on the net to be confusing and complicated. Having done this course, I am now totally confident that I can make my own biochar supplies cheaply and effectively, and that I am doing my bit to sequester carbon into the soil.. I am now keen to run my own experiments as to its effectiveness in my own garden”. (Stephanie Robertson)