Murray Hallam is no doubt the best and most experienced Aquaponics trainer around. He and his wife Gail were the pioneers in Australia in this field and since he learned about it. Ten years ago he threw in his occupation as a boat builder and specialized in Aquaponics. They have invested an enormous amount in time, energy and finances over the last decade building their business “Practical Aquaponics” which consults, builds kits and supplies a range of other services and products. No wonder he is the best in the business and has become a highly sought after trainer, consultant and speaker on Aquaponics internationally and in Australia. Murray and Gail are also committed permaculturalists and this is definitely his niche in permaculture.

The Aquaponics workshops at PSI’s urban demonstration site and at Bandusia were a resounding success. Both workshops were packed and one had a waiting list. Both sites set up and installed a kit from scratch as well as giving participants all the information on how to manage their own Aquaponics systems. Another workshop will be held at PSI’s rural site – Bandusia Country Retreat – in November.   Here’s what Natalie had to say about it:

“An amazing day – I learnt so much! Murray is a wealth of knowledge and wants to impart as much as he can to you. It really consolidated for me why I want to do aquaponics and the practical steps needed to put it in place. Many thanks.” (Natalie Sommer)

Making a fish tank from an ICB unit
Two grow-bed Aquaponics System