We were pleased to recently host Heather and Andrew Djurovich from Yarra Glen in Victoria who gave us an insightful presentation on fireproofing a property using permaculture design principles and techniques.

Heather and Andrew experienced the 2009 inferno fires of Black Saturday. They showed us pictures of their home completely encircled by the fire and whilst everything outside their property was completely turned to black lifeless cinders their place remained an oasis of greenery and life. The ordeal was horrific yet they managed to save their property by good design; earthworks and water systems; placing elements in the right place (between them and the fire fronts); and many little techniques like step on water tanks to access roofs quickly and easily without ladders. The other message was prepare your self personally and emotionally when designing for fire. You need to be fit and emotionally prepared. One way to do this, apart form being well designed , is to regularly discuss strategies, experiences and scenarios with neighbors and local fire fighters. It wasn’t luck that saved the Djuroviches, it was a fire plan and design they learned from their PDC Course they were so grateful to have done. Once again it shows, permaculture design works and they are Permies for life!

Proceeds of $300 from the night were donated to our local St Albans bush fire brigade. We are all more aware and knowledgeable from their presentation.


Vegetable Gardens acting as ember barriers and cleared land at Heather and Andrew’s Permaculture Property “Tenderbreak Farm” are just two things that saved their property