grassrootsWell, never thought we would make front page of a Grass Roots Journal! And here we are and still very honoured and excited about it and the wonderful write up Megg Miller gave us. After Meg’s recent visit with us to conduct the Poultry workshop she was most impressed with our endeavours and it was a total surprise for us to be selected.

I must say she is a really good writer and editor apart from poultry and sustainability expert. Many of you may not realize Grass Roots celebrated its 40th Birthday last year and is one of Australia’s leading sustainability journals. It was certainly very pioneering and out there over its time and always has a care for people,  focusing on sharing their genuine life stories and adventures. Good on you Megg and thanks very much.

See full story in the October/ November edition of Grass Roots, pages 6 to 9.  Penny and the Farm Manager, Robbie are on the front cover.