P1010119-sm‘Stairway to Heaven’ is what we call our new bamboo entrance way into our food forest and outdoor classroom. It certainly has created a really beautiful and creative feature and WOW factor in the food forest. The workshop was well enjoyed and much was learned with Munir from “Giant Grass” from building, weaving, joining, design, preserving and maintaining. It was great fun and a beautiful day. This is a perfect workshop for anyone wanting to build a structure at their place and also an important workshop for anyone considering doing aid workshop in Asia helping to build bamboo structures or sustainable housing.

Here’s what one participant said.

“I attended the Bamboo Building Workshop in preparation for doing volunteer aid work in Cambodia. The aid project includes a component to improve rural housing by developing model houses from sustainable and locally available materials, such as bamboo. The workshop has provided me with both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills that I was looking for. The teacher and venue were excellent and the whole weekend was very enjoyable.” Johan