We are planning a very special occasion in November with a workshop on “Fireproofing your Property” which will be conducted by a team of experts on fire and permaculture design. It will also include a community evening anyone is welcome to attend to hear a very moving presentation from Andrew and Heather Djurovich TenderBreak Farm Victoria, who were survivors of the Black Saturday fires in Victoria 2009 and have an amazing story to share with us.

It’s an incredible powerful presentation that has been shown across Australia over the last few years and published in Earthgarden Magazine, with many positive lessons, tips and solutions to prevent fire and the loss and tragedy it brings to people, animals and property.  I highly recommend you attend, not just the workshop all day sat and Sunday that they will also be part of, but also their evening presentation. It is a community fundraising event too where 50% of the proceeds from pizzas and drinks served will go to the local bushfire brigade.