Now that our food forest is established we have introduced some animals into the system. Over the last three weeks we added some new chooks (golden laced Wyandot and Plymouth Rock) two Peking ducks and two guinea fowl.  They have all settled in nicely after a few days of staring at each other through wire and eating together with the wire barrier between them. Now they all run freely together through the food forest and Redford our rooster has sorted out the minor jealousy issues. Mind you he now has two new young girls he can show off to. The ducks immediately took to their pond, which overflows into the top swale and fertigates the system. Babies will be expected soon.

quailsThe quails here at PSI are in tip-top condition. Firstly, they are really safe from all their predators such as snakes; rats; other birds and you name it) with their mouse proof wire. We keep them in separate groups of three or four and in this picture three inhabit the retrofitted rabbit hutch. With room to run around and a large hollow log to hide, keep warm and get away from each other when they wish, they are very happy. They continue to lay while the chooks are molting so we are happy too to harvest their eggs.  We occasionally bring them out for a cuddle and put them out on the grass for a change of scenery in the sunshine. We feed them plenty of high protein foods such as mealy bugs; worms; quail mash; seeds; greens and berries. Quails make a great addition to any garden, their manure is fantastic and they are productive, fun loving little creatures you could even keep indoors or an a balcony instead of a budgie or canary. They taste great too.