news-pecans2Yep, here at PSI we are in full harvesting mode of our magnificent organic pecan nut trees. Hundreds of thousands of pecans are dropping from the trees assisted by the cockatoos (problem/solution) just in time for those wonderful pecan pies for autumn and winter in front of the fire with a nice glass of home brew. Our Pecans were planted on 1977 and were the first in our valley. Growing on the river banks they are a magnificent beautiful shade tree – and I cant understand why more of these aren’t planted on our streets and urban environments.

Fetching around $35 a kilo shelled in some places, we sell our organic nuts direct to the consumer, fresh off the tree and unshelled for $15 kilo. They are a delicious, nutritious nut, many think better than walnuts. Pecans live for up to 500 years and of course we run our cows and other animals under them. The wood is highly suitable for mushroom growing being a hickory.

If you would like to purchase our Pecan nuts (posted or delivered direct to you) please contact us on 4568 2086 or

Pick your own organic Pecan nuts this Sunday!

news-pecans3Fancy some fresh organic pecan nuts straight off the tree? Well, Permaculture Sydney Institute and Bandusia Country Retreat invite you to our Farm this Sunday 11th May between 11am and 4pm and you can harvest your own and take home as many nuts as you can pick up for free. We will supply you 2 buckets – one for you and one for the farm. Enjoy a day in the country, bring a picnic to enjoy on the riverbank under the pecan forest and learn all about these amazing trees.
Bookings essential phone: 45 68 2086 or