Life at Permaculture Sydney Institute has been full lately with lots of well known permies visiting, and co-teaching at various courses and workshops. It’s wonderful to have such a vibrant centre like Bandusia were permies can catch up and cross fertilise. David Holmgren, Penny Pyett; Janet Millington, Dave Spicer, Aaron Sorensen; Dan Deighton; Peter Brecknock; Michelle Margolis, were among those those staying over the last couple of months. And the next few months promises to be just as busy!

Farm Forestry Workshop

The Farm Forestry workshop was amazing with David Holmgren and Dave Spicer explaining about forests and their management. The chainsaw was in full action and trees fell and were mounded into bush swales to improve the soil. Participants learned techniques for felling, the virtues of farm forestry and a range of other issues associated with tree and forest management. Heres a pic of David and some of the participants in the forest.


UNSW – Intro to Permaculture Course

The design course at the University of New South Wales held its two day workshop again at Bandusia in July.  The talented mix of under- and postgraduate students learning and working together on their on-site designs was something to experience.  Selena Griffiths of UNSW convened the program and Penny Pyett and Cameron Little contributed sessions.  We are looking forward to other courses with the highly motivated UNSW students who are ‘greening’ a trail in higher education in this state. See the movie the students produced of highlights from the course.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

PSI’s biennial design certificate also ran in July with a full complement of trainers and students. A great team!  David Holmgren led off and Dan Deighton and Aaron Sorensen – that incomparable team – led then, with Peter Brecknock shepherding as the class worked into their designs.  Janet Millington was present and active throughout, as only Janet can be.  Penny was not well but came in refreshed in the last days and together the traditional finish to the program came with the party, the presentations, the promise: the permaculture of the future.