Together we drifted through time and space effortlessly through the stitches and the rhythm of weaving. First we walked around the garden collecting a diverse range of plant material we will never look at the same again. Bamboo, philodendron leaves, privet, wisteria vine, grasses, ivy, cordyline, Pandora vine, were just some of the range of plants collected and used in our basketry. Some dry material was soaked then the weaving commenced. I couldn’t believe we could get a beautiful basket made in just one session but we all did. See the results, the baskets were stunning! We also learned the coiling method of basketry creating in a short time a pendent and learning the skills to create woven vessels, plates, baskets, jewelry and other beautiful arts. Claudia Echeverria guided us through the process beautifully. The rhythm of weaving drifted us into a meditative world. The experience provided a greater appreciation of plants and the natural world, a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, and an added dimension to life. The pics show a snapshot of the experience and the beautiful baskets we made. This is a wonderful workshop I would encourage anyone vaguely interested in it to jump in. The next wild weaving workshop will be at Bandusia Country retreat over a whole weekend 3rd & 4th August.

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