People were amazed at the virtues of the polypipe vertical garden system,  its flexibility and range of applications. And as we gathered in the courtyard of the Karonga school, we learned how to design and make a system by everyone making one. At the end of the day everyone walked away with their own vertical garden system ready to just install and start growing food. Some were built for walls, others fences, others free standing units.

Richard Brassil explained how to make the units step by step helping participants to use the tools and equipment so they could make their own. For some participants this was a completely new experience using hand and power tools for the very first time. This was empowerment at its best!  The process was just as important as the outcome. It was a win-win for all. We even made a unit for the Karonga kitchen garden window-sill so the kids can pick their veggies and herbs from inside or outside the kitchen itself.  It was a fantastic workshop, inspiring, empowering, incredible productive with exceptionally important outcomes and a sense of real purpose. Another will be repeated at Bandusia Country Retreat Sat 7th December. Register your interest now.

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