Street Verge BeekeepingAmongst the McMansions of Marsfield sits our humble home and out the front on the street verge, our top bar Kenyan beehive. Admired by many walkers, it starts many a conversation and since setting it up, around 12 months ago I have met more neighbours than over the last 12 years. It even keeps dogs off the edibles!

The top-bar nestles amongst the herbs and flowers and blends into the garden. It’s the attractive beehive. I prefer it to the Warre and the traditional hives (which we also have) as it doesn’t have heavy boxes you need to lift – just the inside frames and the lid. It supports two colonies and I expect to harvest around 30 kg of honey this year. It’s important to put it right out front in sight and in mind. Its a statement that its time to get serious about helping bees and the planet.

Learn all about backyard beekeeping and different types of hive systems at our Beekeeping workshop. You’ll love it!